Recommandations de la CPU pour la simplification des programmes européens - en réponse aux questions de Madame Carvalho - Députée europénne (version anglaise)

Beyond simplification, the crucial point for French universities remains the clarity and consistency rules. The effort towards simplification is highly appreciated. However, the suggested paths exposed in the communication not only endanger some principles of the ERA but also question the current trend of modernization of the Universities started in France. The principle threats are summarized below. Our major concerns are threefold : moving towards result based instead of cost-based funding ; moving from real cost system to average cost system ; adopting lump-sum.

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13 mars 2019

Le 25 mars prochain, Euraxess France organise un séminaire, intitulé « Comment faciliter le recrutement des talents internationaux en France » ?

10 janvier 2019

La CPU a produit en octobre 2018 une note...